Experience Summary

  1. - Project Management and Sofware Life Cycle
    [Sofware Development Life Cycle SDLC, Forecasting and taxonomy,SCRUM, Sprints, BackLogs]
  2. - Programming Languages
    [C#, Java, Objective-C, C++, Visual Basic.NET, FlexBuilder, P-SQL, T-SQL, PHP]
  3. - Integrated Development Environments and Frameworks, includes but not limited to
    [J2EE, MVC, Spring, Struts, Hibernate, Java Server Pages, Java Server Faces, Facelets, Android]
    [MVC.NET, ASP.NET, Windows Workflow Foundation, Windows Communication Foundation, Component Development]
    [DDL object creation, AWR investigation, DML script creation, Explain Plan]
    [Objective-C, MVC, XCode, Interface Builder]
  4. - Certifications
    • Microsoft Certified Professional ID - 1017311 since 1998
    • Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer - MCSE
    • Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer - MCSD
    • Microsoft Certified Trainer - MCT
  5. - Member of the iOS/Mac and Safari Developer Programs since 2011
    • Developer ID - 174054634
    • Team ID - B7QMBU3EE6
  6. - Member of the BlackBerry Enterprise Council as of 2013
    • Personally selected by RIM's Chief Mobility Officer to join BlackBerry's Enterprise Council